My name's Mike.

I'm the owner of the Fizz Giz business and it's only employee. I'm a North Carolina native. With the exception of a single one, all my products are made in the USA.

I made my first carbonating device in 2009. It was for my mother, whose old hands are weak. She could not tighten the bottle caps on her soft drinks very well. They often went flat in the fridge because her caps were loose. I set out to help her. One thing led to another and I came up with a cap having a valve through which carbon dioxide lost from a drink that had gone flat could be replaced in seconds with a couple of squirts from a dispenser.

Presto - the birth of the Fizz Giz. It was obvious that not only could you recarbonate flat drinks, you could carbonate anything else you wanted using common soda bottles that everybody has lying around. It seemed reasonable that since people had been reusing plastic ice trays and tupperware for years, they could reuse plastic bottles and maybe that would be a good thing. Doesn't cost any more to reuse them than to throw them away.

I hope you'll enjoy my product. It's an honest buy and your purchase will support small biz USA.

Phone: (409) FIZZ-GIZ - (409) 349-9449